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10 things we must understand before making the speech content.

  1. AGE - Based on the event you gonna give your speech we need to make the presentation accordingly. If you giving speech in wedding the age group might be more than 40. If you giving speech in school function the age group may be < 20.
  2. VIP in meeting - If there is any VIP in the meeting we need to tailor speech primarily to them to attract.
  3. Where are they from - we need to analyze the localization. We need to add more specific items to the speech based on the localization. We can make use of local celebrity.
  4. Recent Media Event - search for inspirational story [local name] add those in our presentation to touch people's hearts.
  5. Over > 50% know you? - If more than 50% people know you? you can use personal examples about you. If fewer means you need to talk about you more and give context to your audience who you are.
  6. Audience Achievements - Speak about the audience achievement Ex: encourage the collogue for staying in the same company for more years
  7. Cross Cultural Differences - cross cultural business communication in India. You can check whatever you interested. You can check dress code color code of business meetings. If you have some product in your local country might it gives different meaning in their country language. So make to correct those mistakes.
  8. Knowledge of topic - If you giving speech in tech meeting you don't need to give explanation what AWS is. Plan accordingly.
  9. What not to discuss - Don't speak about the India teams achievement while speaking in Pakistan.
  10. Experience Background - Analyze the background of the people by using LinkedIn and twitter/Instagram.