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Real Estate Guide

This is a note to myself if I ever want to buy real estate. I'll just go through whatever I have written here.

Note: This is applicable only in Chennai.

Why buy real estate from developers instead of individual sellers?

Simply because of the quality of the plot and clear title. Purchasing a plot from an individual seller is risky, as there can be title issues or approval problems. So, it's always better to buy from reputable developers.

Best Real Estate Developers

1. G Square

Currently one of the top real estate developers in Tamil Nadu. The prices here are high, but the quality of development is top-notch. They have transformed empty land into fully residential posh areas in Kundrathur. People who bought land for 3.5K (2020-2021) are now selling for 4.5-5K (2023). So, I'll definitely check them out if I plan to buy real estate.

Known For: Plots

2. Nova Life Space

Another very good real estate developer. They offer gated communities with clear titles. The prices are also affordable, and their plots have a premium look.

Known For: Plots, Villas, Apartments

3. Casagrand

Not recommended for buying plots. However, their apartments and villas are good. They mostly develop in remote areas.

Known For: Apartments, Villas, Plots

4. Amarprakash

They are well-known for building affordable apartments. They mostly construct 4-5 floor apartments with high UDS (Undivided Share), I think.

Known For: Apartments

5. TVS Emerald

Known For: Apartments, Plots

6. Elephantine

Known For: Plots